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Oklahoma Daily

Caffine Photo Illustration – Rick Patino/OU Daily

Towards the end of my undergraduate studies at the University of Oklahoma, I discovered the school’s newspaper. I felt like trying to be a photojournalist for them would be a great experience. It was my first opportunity to work as a photographer and take my passion into a career. Before then I had only used photography for my own expressions of art. Now I would be under the supervision of other photographers and hopefully get feedback.

After only one semester of working at the OU Daily, I left with the urge to pursue photography fully as a career. My end all dream is to work for The National Geographic. I want to pursue a career in photojournalism. The OU Daily was a great start for me. I learned a great deal from them.
There are many advantages for working for a school publications. There are so many events happening on campus that photo opportunities are endless. Between all the sports, art shows, ballets, musicals, etc. it was easy to start and build my portfolio.

The photo added here is a photo illustration to go along with a story about caffeine addiction in colleges. It was a fairly simple set up with a turkey baster filled with espresso beans. The model sitting in had no idea exactly what she was getting into. Turned out to be a pretty great shot.