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I think from spending so much time in front of a computer, my eyes are starting to show signs of fatigue. I recently saw online that Warby Parker is having a free home try on promotion. And if it’s free, I’ll try it. It was super simple too. Just went to WarbyParker.com, added 5 frames for a “Home Try On” and they were shipped to my house in a few days. Frames start at $95 and they have some great styles I liked. Here’s how it went. #WARBYHOMETRYON


So I got 5 total frames, two sunwear and three opticals. Let’s start with the sunwear. The style I really like from Warby are the two-toned frames.


The first pair I want to try is Percey in charcoal fade. I really like the fade to them. The only problem is that are for a narrow-faced fellow. I am not. But I gave it a shot.


They were really cool, just not for me. Luckily I know I have a not so narrow face and picked a pair more appropriate for me. I really like the shaped of the Griffin in Blond Tortoise. Also never mad about some tortoise shell frames. I was a bit on the fence about how light the color was but once the frames were in front of me, I really liked the color scheme. These are medium width, perfect for me. I can’t imagine how big a wide width would be. Honestly, I have a large head. I thought.



Now for the opticals, I grabbed a few. In order from my least favorite to my most. Last but not least, the Vaughan in Burnt Lemon Tortoise. I really liked how big these frames were. For someone who does wear glasses on the regular, these were the most comfortable. Then come the Burke in Tennessee Whiskey. The two-tone frames are awesome to me. I love the clear bottoms. But with that being said, that made the Durand in Saddle Russet a clear favorite. The contrast between the red and brown woodgrain is amazing. Not too bright but still unique enough for me to want.



I had a great time with these frames. All I need to do now is send in my prescription and get these bad boys in action.


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