Rick Patino Photography

Rick Patino Photography’s vision is to capture more than just a picture.

We look to capture the life, personality and emotions for every client. We strive to be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate in all walks of life. We offer professional work, tailored to the individual, for weddings, events, and portraits.

Ricardo Patino

Rick Patino was cultured in the arts from an early age. He spent many years in music but found himself being more drawn to the visual arts as he grew older. Rick grew up surrounded by Ansel Adams prints and National Geographic magazines. These prints continue to be inspiration for his work.

Originally from the Houston metropolitan area, Rick now lives in Norman, Oklahoma. After finishing his undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma, Rick decided to turn his passion for photography into a career.

Rick began his journey into photography with 35mm film cameras. He would meticulously note each setting on the camera for every slide for references after the prints were made. Although the process was slow, it helped to develop a technical sense for photography. He still uses film for his own artwork but switched to digital to handle the workflow.

Rick originally strived to be a photojournalist, winning several national collegiate awards while working for the Oklahoma Daily & Oklahoma Watch. Currently Rick looks to capture the best of weddings, newborns, portraits and events in OKC Metro.

Melodie Lettkeman

Melodie is a former military brat that calls wherever her miniature dachshund is home. She began her exploration of photography when she became interested in graphic design at the age of 13. Since then, she’s been a part of three Best of Show-winning high school newspapers, including one with a full photo spread for prom, while gathering her own individual awards, including awards for layout and design.

In college, she rose quickly through the ranks at the Oklahoma Daily on the visual desk, holding positions as senior photographer, photo chief and visual editor. Her storytelling abilities within the paper earned many front pages and a third place finish in news photography at the Oklahoma College Media Association awards. Melodie now provides second-shooting and assistance to Rick Patino Photography.